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From Trabzon to Tabriz by Bus

Hi folks,
I ll try to tell you how to travel from Trabzon to Tabriz firstly there is no direct bus from Trabzon to Tabriz you have to swich the bus in the Turkish-Iran border and also  there is no any train line coz no train in blacksea region of turkey... so let's go

There is daily bus from Trabzon to Doğubeyazit every evining at 19:30 and company name called IĞDIRLI TURİZM, so if you are in Trabzon go to the city couch station and ask for ticket its 70 lira

(here is trabzon-doğubeyazıt bus)

Departure From Trabzon at 19:30 daily
70 lira
Arrival:Doğubeyazıt at 04:40am in te morning

SO FROM Doğubeyazit to Gürbulak borderline (where bus ll leave ya) is about 30km,you may find cab or any car to the border and there gonna be other fellas who are going to iran so you can share the cab money with them (i and my friend we shared one car with 2 japanese girls and each of us paid 10 turko lira)

AND you are in the border ...

after your cross the border get some cab (its damn cheap in iran) to couch station

so there are 2 ways:
1) from border to tabriz by cab
2) from border the couch station and than tabriz

first way is expensive than second way
so i did like this
after border paid 10.000 toman to bus terminal
and from bus terminal to tabriz i paid 7.500 toman
total from border to tabriz is : 17.500 toman

ask me for more:

hope this can helps ya

safe journey...

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