Pazar, Kasım 21, 2010

How to cook Muhlama

Muhlama is among the foremost dishes of Turkey's Black Sea region.This favourite dish of the cities of Rize & Trabzon is made with corn flour,butter,and local cheeses.Varying by the particular type of cheese,the city of origin and choiceof butter or cream , the dish can take diffrent names , its called kuymak in Trabzon , yağlaş in Ordu , muhlama&hoşmerim in Rize when butter is replaced by cream.To get a satisfactory result at home cooked for muhlama,get your ingredients from the Black Sea,if possible,cos the local cheeses,butter and cream have a special flavour.
1 glass of cornflour
100gr.Rize Yayla Butter
150gr.Rize Telli Muhlama Chees (Rize local chees)
1 glass of water
Melt butter on low heat , add cornflour and stir for a while, as the flour turns pinkish,add the hot water gradually,and keep stirring until the mixture becomea pasta , then blend the cheese with the help of a spoon and stir until evenly blended , this delightful dish can be served any time of day
Bon appetit.

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