Salı, Mart 09, 2010

EVS Motivation Letter

Dear Sir & Ma’am
Born and raised as the son of a civil servant official in the small village Rize in Turkey, I was always well protected by my family and friends. But as I grew older, my curiosity concerning the rest of the world also increased. When I was 20, I went to the university of Muğla to study history , hoping that it would quench my thirst for knowledge. Unfortunately, the theoretic aspect of the world didn’t satisfy me at all. I wanted to explore, I wanted a challenge. So I decided to take a risk and moved to Antalya to become part of the tourist business. I would be able to come in contact with different nationalities and variety of people, and I would hear and learn plenty of different languages as well.
Since then , I have worked in several hotels in Antalya as an entertainer. This way I found an opportunity to really talk to people, to get to know their way of life, their culture and their view of worldly events. I made guests laugh and they filled my heart with joy every day. Being an entertainer, I learned many things and met a lot of families. I talked to them, tried to understand them or helped them when necessary. I also learned to speak English and basic Russian. But after working in hotels in Turkey for the past 5 years, the urge to see the world becomes unbearable.I always want to improve myself. That’s why the volunteering programme is perfect for me. I can obtain my skills as a people person and can still work and make people laugh, but I can fulfill my dreams at the same time.
Being inquisitive is a gift. A gift because there’s always something new to learn, you’re a student of life until the end of days. I crave to learn. In my free time I like reading books about geography and culture. I also watch a lot of travelling documentaries and I like writing poems. As a hardworking and tolerant person, I hardly ever complain and I am very social. I’m also open-minded and respectful, and I have various interests. I’m always patient and kind; when people look at me, they see my courage and strength. I possess a fire, an ability to change the world around me in a creative manner, with a melancholic twist.
Volunteering in Europe isn’t a holiday. Isn’t merely a personal adventure or language course. This is a big initiative and it comes with great responsibility. It’s a journey filled with positive electric, a work and training program. My goal is to become a new person, so when i return back to Turkey , I gained a load of information and experience. I’d have a different vision on many things and this will help me in future situations and decisions. Most people in the modern society care about earning as much money as possible, I care about earning trust and skills, love and understanding. I care about the value of things, rather than the price. I want to help people as much as I can, and save them whilst being saved from the materialism that slowly incorporates the world. I want to make a difference.

“A cynic is a man who knows the price of everything but the value of nothing.”

Yours Faithfully

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